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A Traditional Indian Mouth Freshner

Mast banarsi paan

Paan or betel leaf is chewed almost all over India. There are also many different varieties of paan available all over the country. It is common to see people chew paan after dinner in some places. It is also common to see a paan being served in many events like wedding anniversaries.
Paan has several ingredients that go into its preparation. Four things that are necessary to make a paan are :
• Betel leaf
• Catechu paste
• Areca nut
• Slaked lime paste
Different variations of paan are built from here. Different regions in India also have their own variations.
In India, betel leaves as well as nuts are offered to guests as courtesy. You might be surprised to know that the heart-shaped, smooth, shining and long-stalked betel leaves have numerous health benefits. Since ancient times, betel leaves has been used as an aromatic stimulant and anti-flatulent. Apart from being served as a mouth freshener, betel leaf is also used as an aphrodisiac. Ideally, a pan is made by wrapping areca nut, tobacco and slaked lime in betel leaf. Since tobacco and areca nuts are known to cause cancer, chewing pan with them should be avoided. The betel leaf has many medicinal benefits and has been extensively used in Ayurveda.
• Improves digestion
• Prevents carcinogenesis in the oral cavity:
• Helps maintain good oral hygiene:
• Treats gastric ulcers
• Relieves headache
• Cures constipation
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