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Pan is much more than mere a mouth freshener. Its medicinal values have been established beyond doubt. Besides improving your digestion system and giving you a feel of rejuvenation, Betel Leaf, or Pan, is the genesis of the world's first herbal drug to cure Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, a form of cancer that attacks white blood cells.

Dish holds an imperative in the way of life of India. Indian Cuisines are famous for their hot tang and season, and are frequently trailed by Mouth Fresheners like Pan. Because of its entrancing fragrance & sweetness, Pan is cherished by all the Indians. Henceforth, "MAST BANARASI PAAN" conveys to you multi-seasoned Pan that it gets ready with outlandish masalas and with an enthusiasm to relish your taste buds. Throughout the previous 63 years, MAST BANARASI PAN has notable vicinity in Pan making. Be it 'Chocolate Pan or Tobacco Pan', and 'Meetha Pan or Sada Pan', in the event that you take it, you will be loaded with delight, invigorating your inclination. We serve individuals with our enjoying Pan through retail shops, alongside making them accessible on unique events like Marriages, Birthday Parties, and Reception and so forth. Our administrations for get ready Pan and Hookah have been the piece of numerous weddings and gatherings to increase the value of them.

Mast Banarasi pan has also home delivery facility. For booking you can call on: +91 8853234652

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